Cardiac surgery is one of the most rapidly developing surgical specialties. The acquisition of new knowledge and advances in technology have allowed us to carry out all types of operations on increasingly complex patients and those of more advanced ages. At present, cardiac surgery can be performed with minor surgical aggression, with excellent results and a very low risk for the patient.

21/05/15::TV Badalona
Interview Dr. Ruyra.

30/01/2015::Marató de TV3
Dr. Xavier Ruyra at the Marató 2014

Modern cardiac surgery is less invasive and allows operation at higher risk patients with better results. (In spanish)

Testimonial Roberto Salcines

"Hello everybody. A year ago life gave me a surprise. I was diagnosed with a Barlow prolapse of the mitral valve in my heart. I had run marathons for years, done athletics and, well, I unexpectedly suffered this heart problem.

After looking around here and there I ended up being operated on in Barcelona by Dr. Xavier Ruyra and his team, to whom I am eternally grateful.
That was a very difficult, uncertain time both for me and for my family and, thank God, I found Dr. Xavier Ruyra’s team at Vida Al Cor, Raquel, Santi and all the people that make up this wonderful team. In the end they managed to repair my mitral valve and, well, let me go back to running.

Now I’ve just run 10km. I encourage you to consult Dr. Xavier Ruyra if you are in any doubt. He’s a truly humane, kind person and a great professional."