Thanks to Doctor Xavier Ruyra and his team, specific programs can be designed for each patients, such as surgery without blood transfusions.

Bloodless heart surgery is transfusion-free cardiac surgery, where the patient’s wishes are respected based not only on religious beliefs but also with the intention of trying to avoid the potential risks associated with blood transfusions, such as infections, complications and mortality.

Any type of heart surgery can be performed without blood, including complex operations, and depends solely upon the patient’s state of health, which is evaluated prior to surgery in order to determine if surgery can take place. If necessary, treatment to address the patient’s health is carried out in order to be able to carry out this type of surgery.
Under the supervision of Dr. Ruyra, an expert cardiac surgeon, our bloodless cardiac surgery team has become an international benchmark in treating patients from all over the world. Mortality under Dr. Ruyra’s expert hands in bloodless cardiac surgery is 1.5%, whereas the expected mortality is 11.8% (logistic euroSCORE), thus proving that that we deliver first-class results of the highest quality.

What are the benefits of bloodless open heart surgery?

• Reduced risk of virus transmission and infections.
• Reduced risk of immunological complications and allergic reactions, which include transfusional anaphylactic reactions, hemolysis, acute lung injury related to transfusions and death.
• Reduced risk of postoperative complications, as proved by several clinical studies.