The Quirón-Teknon Hospital is a national and international leader in the private health sector with a continuous commitment to excellence and innovation.

The Hospital Quirón-Teknon is one of the leading hospitals in the Spanish private healthcare sector, thanks to the high quality of its medical staff and care services in a setting that combines individual care with the full support of the latest health technology.
The Hospital Quirón-Teknon is run according to a rigorous culture of quality management aimed at providing the best treatment and patient satisfaction with the highest standards of safety, all of which has earned it the prestigious accreditation from the US Joint Commission International, as well as the accreditation of acute patient care centers of the Government of Catalonia (based on the excellence model of the European Foundation for Quality Management – EFQM), which makes it one of the few hospitals in Spain to have earned both distinctions.
One of the mainstays of Teknon is innovation and the ongoing introduction of the latest advances, achieved through the participation of specialists involved in research projects.
Located in a residential area and surrounded by gardens, Teknon is situated at the heart of Barcelona, a highly appealing tourist destination that is internationally renowned thanks to its many attractions, such as its architecture, traditional cuisine and Mediterranean climate.

Our Mission

The mission of the Hospital Quirón-Teknon is to provide the finest medical services to our patients, in addition to ensuring excellence of care and compassionate nursing.

A medical team of the highest excellence

More than 400 top ranked specialists practice on our campus, all with international training in their respective fields and the ability to deal with patients in various languages. A total of more than 2,000 professionals are devoted to the medical care, comfort and personalized service given to the patients that choose us.
Teknon’s medical staff cover all medical and surgical specialties, including oncology, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, traumatology, maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery, and neurosurgery.

Teknon Campus

The facilities at the Hospital Quirón-Teknon, which opened in 1994, cover more than 65,000 square feet. The Hospital Quirón-Teknon campus is divided into eight major departments. They are interconnected and there is direct entry from its 1,000 parking spaces.
Hospitalization. We have bright rooms with air conditioning, television and all required medical equipment. The hospital has 211 single private rooms,
19 suites
and 10 incubators.
The Surgical Department has 20 operating theaters equipped with the latest technology. Over 22,000 surgical operations are performed each year.

The day hospital enables patients to stay at the hospital for treatment during the day and return home at night. It has 31 rooms.
The intensive care unit has 14 cubicles for both children and adults.
The hospital has more than 400 doctors who cover all medical and surgical specialties for adults and children. All services are interconnected through corridors that are exclusive for patient use. Two of the hospital’s buildings house 150 doctors’ offices,
which are directly connected to the main building
and have direct access from the parking lot.
In the Diagnostic Services Department up to 145,000 diagnostic tests are performed yearly. The Department is divided into the following sub-departments: The Diagnostic Imaging Department, a laboratory
and a department for other additional tests
The Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It has a team of outstanding professionals and state-of-the-art technology to respond quickly, effectively and safely to the average of 270 emergency cases treated by the Hospital Quirón-Teknon every day.
The Teknon Oncology Institute (IOT) was opened in October 2000. It provides comprehensive healthcare for cancer diagnosis and treatment.
The Teknon Cardiovascular Institute (ICVT) is an multidisciplinary organization for the study, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Quality: JCI + EFQM

The Hospital Quirón-Teknon is committed to providing an excellent service. To ensure that this is the case, it has implemented a policy of quality management that follows the strict controls approved by the prestigious US-based Joint Commission International (JCI), and has obtained the accreditation of acute patient care centers of the Government of Catalonia (based on the excellence model of the European Foundation for Quality Management – EFQM), among other quality indicators.

The Hospital Quirón-Teknon obtained accreditation from the JCI, an organization that evaluates medical centers in the USA and any international centers that voluntarily undergo inspection. First introduced in 1999, this accreditation was subsequently renewed in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2013. This prestigious international accreditation certifies healthcare organizations and provides patients with a guarantee of compliance with international quality standards of excellence. Accreditation from the JCI is the result and consolidation of the work that the Hospital has carried out for over 15 years, with the aim of providing top-quality medical treatment in order to become a benchmark in quality and expertise.

The EFQM model, based on quality as a strategy, helps establish a management model that enables a healthcare organization to understand its system of operation in order to evolve towards business excellence. With the aim of promoting excellence in service organizations, the EFQM model is a tool that enables their activities and results to be assessed.
The Hospital Quirón-Teknon is one of the few Spanish hospitals to hold both of these accreditations, thanks to its quality management culture aimed at providing the best possible patient treatment, satisfaction and peace of mind.

Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Unit

At the Hospital Quirón-Teknon we optimize the use of patients’ blood. Based on the innovative concept of blood management (rational use of blood), the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Unit operates with new strategies based on scientific evidence. This enhances the doctor-patient relationship so that doctors and patients can work together to establish a therapeutic plan according to a patient's personal values and options. Throughout the process, a multidisciplinary team performs procedures recover patients’ blood using advanced techniques to maintain stable hemoglobin levels before, during and after surgery or medical treatment.

What are the benefits of bloodless medicine and surgery?

The patient recovers faster: the Unit's strategy is based on prevention and anticipation. The combination of the doctors’ expertise, personalized treatment and the use of minimally invasive techniques favors recovery, and reduces hospitalization time.
It reduces possible infections and other complications associated with transfusions.
Benefits: it preserves a scarce resource, blood, which is kept for the patients for whom it is strictly necessary.
The Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Unit provides first-class comprehensive care if you decide to undergo a medical or surgical process without using blood transfusions or blood products. This is an innovative, alternative concept of medicine, developed as a result of a growing demand for these treatments for religious, immunological or personal reasons, as well as preventing the associated potential risks. In order to provide you with the best care and satisfaction with the utmost safety, the Hospital Quirón-Teknon has a team of experts in processes and cutting-edge techniques that do not make use of blood banks. We know that the certainty of receiving the best care according to your needs, values and preferences is very important to you.

Why at the Hospital Quirón-Teknon?

Teknon is a pioneer in blood management, an innovative medical concept, and the only clinic in Spain to provide a complete bloodless medicine and surgery service capable of covering all medical and surgical specialties, even the most complex such as cardiac, oncological and orthopedic surgery. Teknon personalizes each patient's care by analyzing each case in detail to provide the best treatment and an individualized follow-up process. This program is operative 24/7.