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Risk adjusted cardiac surgery results. Dr. Ruyra last 1500 patients.

EuroSCORE (European System for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation) is a risk model for calculating the risk of death after a heart operation.
The model asks for 17 items of information about each patient, the state of the heart and the proposed operation, and uses logistic regression to calculate the risk of death. It is free to use online.
First published in 1999, the model has been adopted worldwide. It has become the most widely used risk index for cardiac surgery.

MITRAL VALVE REPAIR RATE ( %). Last 243 patients
In patients with mitral valve prolapse or functional regurgitation, our success rate in avoiding mitral valve
replacement approaches 100%.
The operations were performed using full sternotomy or minimally invasive procedures, which have rapid recovery rates.

Freedom from reoperation after mitral valve repair

QUIRÓN-TEKNON BLOODLESS CARDIAC SURGERY PROGRAM RESULTS: the difference is clear to see at Quirón-Teknon…
-The Quirón-Teknon Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program is internationally recognized as a leader in the field and ranks among the best in the nation.
-The members of the cardiac surgery team are board certified and fellowship trained in cardiovascular surgery and bloodless medicine.
-They lecture around the world on blood conservation and cardiac surgery, and host national and international visitors interested in learning about blood management techniques.
LAST 1,000 cardiac surgery patients: