Doctor Xavier Ruyra and his team employ the best technologies and latest techniques.


This is a rigorous program for cardiac surgery with surgical risk. Our Smart Cardiac Surgery Program involves a stringent quality control of the highest standards throughout the surgical procedure (preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative), which makes it one of the most advanced cardiac surgery protocols available today worldwide. A highly experienced team of heart specialists works using a holistic multidisciplinary process, which is based on the highly sought after patient-centered approach. Our goal is to resolve your health problem. Over the years, numerous surgical techniques have been developed to minimize the effects of aggressive procedures on the heart and the whole body. The Smart Cardiac Surgery Program includes beating heart coronary surgery, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, bloodless cardiac surgery and fast-track recovery. We seek to deliver the best surgical solutions, including for people who have been rejected by other hospitals or who require very complex surgery because they are high and very high risk patients. Our program is governed by the most rigorous and disciplined practices of healthcare quality management, focused on providing the best patient care and satisfaction with maximum safety, which has led our distinguished hospital to be awarded the prestigious US Joint Commission International accreditation