Barcelona offers health services of the highest quality. Competitive prices and maximum confidence.

Once you have decided that undergoing a treatment abroad is the best option, you should then consider which country to go to. There are many important factors to consider, other than the costs. The main ones should be the political stability and the country’s infrastructure to receive foreign visitors. You should also take into consideration the hospital amenities and the doctors’ credentials. Lastly, you should consider who will take care of all the necessary arrangements that you will need to guarantee a successful health trip.

Barcelona is one of the top medical tourism destinations in Western Europe. Barcelona (capital city of Catalonia) is located in Spain, and besides its beautiful Mediterranean beaches and landscapes, pleasant climate, friendly people and crime-safe surroundings, it has a rich cultural heritage, breathtaking monuments and endless sightseeing destination, all of which makes it the fourth most visited tourist destination in the world with about 7 million tourists a year.

Barcelona’s successful public and private health systems in regard to new medical technologies and facilities makes this city an excellent and prestigious medical tourism destination, which currently receives more than 10,000 foreign patients each year.

Moreover, the Joint Commission International (JCI) has accredited 20 hospitals and clinics in Spain, which is also ranked 7th by the World Health Organization (WHO) for best healthcare system.

Barcelona offers high-quality services at prices that are typically lower than in your home country in internationally well-known hospitals of great prestige with renowned specialized doctors.